MAKE changes in education
Over the last decade, so many kinds of technology have tried to bring changes and reforms to classrooms and teaching methods.
But, up to this moment, we haven’t seen anything can really work on it.
The developments of Artificial intelligence, can say to be the next great improvement in learning in the field of education and technology.
The potential in leading how young people learn, teachers and tutors teach, and how society drives forward learning in the future.

Only by connecting over the internet (web classes), students around the world can learn at anytime, anywhere and can repeat the millions of lessons over and over again.
The platform can provide a teaching that meets each student’s individual needs, to minimize the gap exists in classrooms the world over.

AI can classify the standard of each students by recording every session and thousands of hours of teaching and learning – a huge quantity of data on human interactions.
There are around positive teaching outcomes and how to make teaching interactions to promote best practice.
The AI could alert of any misunderstands concept before it becomes a bigger issue later in the child’s education.

With this kind of growing, AI in education isn’t just an option, it’s quickly becoming a necessity.
Company Target
To develope Internet Web Classes platform point to the target of education.
To provide many different variety of courses by connecting to the Web Site.
To allow users to access at anytime, anywhere can repeat the lessons over and over again.

To provide their own login ID, Systems can :-
create suitable textbook and exercise to monitor student responses to evaluation questions.
help student to find out their learning curve. 
help to find out their weakness and any misunderstands concept.
benefit both students and their parents, to optimize their learning behaviors, such as self-initiative.

Gathering big data not only useful about children to assist them in growing and developing their knowledge.
The algorithms quickly adapting to the patterns and results discovered to become increasingly accurate and valid.